Beaver Municipal Solutions

is now

Claystone Waste

Beaver Municipal Solutions is now Claystone Waste. 

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The Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission, which was also known by it's trade name Beaver Municipal Solutions provided waste management services to Beaver County, the Village of Holden, the Village of Ryley, the Town of Tofield and the Town of Viking, as well as customers located outside of Beaver County before the transition to Claystone Waste Ltd. in 2020.

Public Advisory Committee

The Public Advisory Committee is a committee of local citizens representing the public's interest in the operations of the waste commission.

Beaver Municipal Solutions

Beaver Municipal Solutions was the predecessor of Claystone Waste Ltd. which provides waste management services to the residents and businesses of the towns of Tofield and Viking, the villages of Ryley and Holden, Beaver County, and customers outside the region.