Environmental Compliance

Beaver Municipal Solutions operations have local, regional, and global impacts.  We are committed to identifying, evaluating, and mitigating or minimizing those impacts to the best of our ability.  Beaver Municipal Solutions shall meet these obligations by providing resources and taking the appropriate measures to ensure our operations do not adversely affect the environment and the general public.

Beaver Municipal Solutions is committed to pollution prevention and supports the following principles and responsibilities:

  • Senior management is committed to continual improvement of the environmental management system, programs and performance.
  • Environmental policies, procedures and programs developed by Beaver Municipal Solutions shall meet or exceed legislative requirements.
  • Beaver Municipal Solutions shall strive for full compliance with environmental regulations by establishing appropriate programs and conducting audits of its operations.
  • Compliance with environmental policies and procedures is the responsibility of every employee and contractor, and is a condition of employment.
  • Senior management will establish objectives and targets and will evaluate environmental performance by measuring results against objectives and targets.