Vision and Mandate

At Beaver Municipal Solutions, it is our vision to ensure the safe disposal of waste and to enhance the quality of life for the people of Beaver County.

We are committed to our three founding principles:

  • Our operations are based on environmentally-sound practices
  • We provide tangible economic benefits to our shareholder communities
  • We promote opportunities for local and regional training and employment

It is the mission of Beaver Municipal Solutions to:

  • Ensure the environmentally safe disposal of waste
  • Promote the advancement of technologies and the establishment of related industries for waste reclamation
  • To use the resources generated from Beaver Municipal Solutions’ operations to provide economic benefits to the people of the member municipalities of the Commission.

Beaver Municipal Solutions is the operating name of the Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission. Our organization’s mandate is to provide waste management services to the residents and businesses in the Town of Tofield, the Town of Viking, the Village of Ryley, the Village of Holden and Beaver County, as well as customers located outside of Beaver County. Our location close to major transportation and population centres, and the ideal geotechnical characteristics of our area soils, provide Beaver Municipal Solutions customers with environmentally desirable waste disposal services.

Established by the Alberta government, we are set up as a regional services commission, which means we represent public sector transparency, while providing effective and efficient services to solve municipal, private and public waste problems. With over 60 employees, we serve as an economic driver for Beaver County. Beaver Municipal Solutions works on a cost recovery basis – that is to say, we make a profit so we can return these benefits to the people of Beaver County. Our landfill at Ryley has desirable features, such as an impermeable clay soil that enables the safe and effective disposal of waste, while protecting the local groundwater and surrounding environment. We are a modern landfill that is integrated with other activities including a collection site for waste oil and lubricants, tires, white goods, discarded electronics and other recyclable materials.