Beaver Municipal Takes Action on Mud Control

We’ve heard concerns about mud being tracked onto roadways. This can not only be an eyesore, but also a traffic safety hazard, as it can reduce traction and create challenging road conditions for motorists. 

Beaver Municipal Solutions has responded to these concerns and actions are being taken to reduce the impact of mud on roadways adjacent to our landfill site. An Action Plan for Mud Control has been developed to reduce the impacts of landfill operations on residents.  

We have responded to resident concerns about mud control by taking the following actions:  

  • Throughout 2018 and 2019, we completed paving from the intersection of Highway 854 to our scale. In 2020, the entrance road paving will be complete, with pavement extending from the scale to the landfill equipment storage area. Pavement reduces tracking of mud debris and stones onto Highway 854 and the hard surface permits easier clean up of fallen debris.  
  • In 2019, we purchased specific attachments for debris removal. Two pieces of equipment will be dedicated to debris clean up whenever required.  
  • In late 2019 we also purchased and installed mud control “shaker” mats at the exit lanes for landfill truck traffic. Additional mats will be installed shortly, prior to the wet spring season.  
  • In response to resident requests for more collaboration with Clean Harbors on the shared responsibility of mud control, we have initiated discussions and the two landfill operators have agreed to share resources of labour and equipment to provide debris clean up as required and ensure favourable conditions for motorists. 

Alberta Transportation was consulted on our Action Plan for Mud Control and has approved of the undertakings. Check out our Response to Consultation document on our website, under About Us and then click on Proposed MCC (Claystone Waste) Information to see how we are acting on community concerns, like mud control.

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