Biosolids Applications Begins at Demonstration Sites

Biosolids applications at the two demonstration sites in Beaver County are scheduled to begin the week of May 5. Biosolids from the two existing stockpiles will be loaded into conventional manure spreaders and applied onto the fields. The biosolids will be incorporated into the soil within approximately 24 hours of spreading (weather dependent) using discs or heavy harrows.

Application equipment will be operating daily between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm until all the biosolids on the site are spread. The stockpile areas will be decommissioned and become part of the application areas.

Biosolids will not be applied to the land during periods of heavy rain or if the soil is waterlogged. Weather permitting, the applications will take approximately three weeks to complete. All operations will be conducted under the supervision of SYLVIS Environmental and in accordance with the SYLVIS Safety Management System and the Letter of Authorization issued by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Development.

This project will be testing several different application rates of biosolids as well as a combination of biosolids and gypsum in order to assess the effect of different treatments on improving solonetzic soil conditions and crop production. The applications will be carefully monitored to ensure that the rates match those described in the project proposals.

Once biosolids applications are complete, SYLVIS will continue to monitor the soil, water and crops at the demonstration sites over the course of the growing season.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to General Manager and CAO Pierre Breau, at 780.663.2038, ext 104, or by email:

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Biosolids will be applied to the fields using conventional manual spreading equipment

Biosolids will be incorporated shortly after application with a disc or heavy harrow

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