BMS Policies

Bylaw 1Ar – 2013
Bylaw 1B – 2013
Bylaw 4-98
Bylaw 6-99
Bylaw 7-99
Bylaw 8-99
Bylaw 11-2016

Board Policies
BRD-001 – Board of Directors Code of Conduct 
BRD-002 – Board Reports Policy 
BRD-003 – Policy Reviews  
BRD-004 – Communications Policy
BRD-005 – Strategic and Business Planning  
BRD-006 – Board Mandate Visions and Values  
BRD-007 – Board and Organizational Priorities Policy
BRD-008 – Board Director Orientation Policy 
BRD-009 – Board Performance Self-Assessment
BRD-010 – Board Director and Committee Member Selection  Policy 
BRD-011 – Board Director and Committee Member Compensation and Expenses
BRD-013 – Contractual Services Policy 
BRD-014 – Annual Budget Approvals and Changes Policy
BRD-015 – Recruitment and Selection of General Manager Policy
BRD-016 – Employment and Compensation of General Manager Policy
BRD-017 – Performance Review of General Manager  Policy  
BRD-019 – Approval of Organizational Changes and Position Roles 

Finance Policies
FIN-001 – Employee Business Expense
FIN-003 – Accounting for Tangible Capital Assets
FIN-004 – Enterprise Risk Management(ERP)
FIN-004A – Insurance Management
FIN-005 – Debt Management  
FIN-006 – Reserves
FIN-008 – Investments-Policy
FIN-008A -Banking-Authority Policy
FIN-009 – Purchasing Policy 
FIN-010 – Service & Contract Fees Policy
FIN-011 – Distribution of Surplus Funds to Municipal Members
FIN-012 – Payment of Grants In Lieu 
FIN-013 – Grants to Not-for-Profit Community Organizations 
FIN-014 – Good Neighbor Grants
FIN-015 – US Dollar Account & Foreign Exchange
FIN-016 – Waste Collection Bin Order
FIN-018 – Financial Management 
FIN-019 – Internal Controls 
FIN-020 – Inventory Management 
FIN-022 – Infrastructure Grants to Municipal Entities

Human Resource Policies
HUM-001 – Code of Ethics and Rules 
HUM-003 – Staff Learning Development and Growth 
HUM-004 – Occupational Health and Safety 
HUM-005 – Staff Suspension Termination Demotion or Re-assignment 
HUM-006 – Respectful Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace
HUM-008 – Wellness Benefit
HUM-009 – Employee Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
HUM-010 – Cellphone-Benefit-Policy
HUM-011 – Windshield Replacement Benefit 
HUM-013 – Voluntary RRSP Benefit 
HUM-014 – Performance Management (PM) and Annual Incentive Plan (AIP)
HUM-015  – Extended Hours Premium
HUM-016 – Inclement Weather Policy