BMS Transfer Stations

Currently four remote Transfer Stations are owned and operated by Beaver Municipal Solutions in the County. Although many residents use these facilities for their garbage disposal, many other people have never stepped foot in one. 

So what is a Transfer Station? It is just as it sounds. A Transfer Station is an environmentally sound place where waste is transferred from one smaller vehicle to another larger one. On our remote sites, the Transfer Stations consist of a building where residents can safely unload their garbage onto a concrete floor. Our waste collection staff arrive later, and the garbage on the floor is pushed into a waiting trailer and taken from the Transfer Station for disposal at the landfill in Ryley. 

We are often asked what type of waste is accepted at our Transfer Stations? County residents can bring bagged household garbage, lawn clippings, hedge trimmings and other dry waste such as broken chairs, small tables and scrap wood for disposal. All of the dry items must be three feet or less in length in order for our compaction equipment to be able to handle it. 

Our manned Transfer Stations are located near Lindbrook, Tofield, Viking and Kinsella. We also have a public drop off area at the landfill in Ryley. At our public drop off area, residents place their household garbage directly into 40 yard bins, rather than on a concrete floor of a building. 

In addition to County residents, waste collection staff also use Beaver Municipal Solutions’ remote Transfer Stations. Beaver County is almost 355,000 hectares in area with over 2,600 kilometers of roads. This is a large area for our collection staff to travel, so being able to tip their loads of waste at the nearest Transfer Station allows them to get back on their collection route more quickly and efficiently. 

Sometimes transfer stations are set up to collect recyclables that can be removed from the waste stream. Not all Beaver Municipal Solutions’ Transfer Stations are set up to accept all recyclable materials. Check out or call our office at 780.663.2038 to find out which materials are currently accepted at each location.

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