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2017 Fall Large Item Schedule

This bi-annual Program is provided at no-charge to municipal residents. Similar to the spring program, residents will need to place their large items directly on the front street by the curb, the evening before their scheduled pick up as identified below. Do not place items on the grass or lawn, but rather directly on the street as it is easier for Beaver Municipal Solutions staff to clean up any broken materials. Please ensure you place all items at least 3 feet (1 metre) from parked vehicles.

The fall municipal collection schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, October 2 – Town of Tofield
  • Thursday, October 5 – Village of Ryley
  • Wednesday, October 11 – Hamlet of Bruce
  • Monday, October 16 – Village of Holden
  • Monday, October 23 – Town of Viking

If a resident’s large items have not been picked up three days after their scheduled pick up date, please call our office at 780.663.2038, extension 102.

For Beaver County rural residents, large items can be taken to any of the following transfer stations as per the following schedule:

  • Saturday, October 7 – Tofield Transfer Station
  • Saturday, October 14 – Kinsella Transfer Station  PLEASE NOTE: Extended hours 10:00 – 6:00 for this day only
  • Saturday, October 21 – Lindbrook Transfer Station
  • Saturday, October 28 – Viking Transfer Station  PLASE NOTE:  Extended hours 10:00 – 6:00 for this day only

Fridges, freezers and water coolers are acceptable, however there is a $25 charge for Freon removal. Urban residents can pay for the Freon removal at their local Town/Village office or at the Beaver Municipal Solutions Administration office, located at the landfill. Once payment has been made, a sticker will be provided that needs to be placed on either the front or side of the appliance.

Rural residents can pay for their Freon removal in advance at the Administration office or directly at one of the transfer stations on the large item day.

Acceptable items include:

  • mattresses
  • sofas and recliners
  • white goods (stove, washing machine, etc.) and appliances
  • tires
  • propane tanks

Unacceptable items for the urban collection program:

  • grass clippings (place in bag in community waste bin)
  • trees, tree branches (if smaller than 3 feet can be placed in community waste bin, if over 3 feet, these items need to be taken directly to the landfill)
  • large chunks of cement/concrete (take directly to landfill)
  • bags of household garbage (place in community waste bin)
  • small items that would fit in neighbourhood waste bin – If It Fits In The Bin, Put It In!
  • Electronic waste (take for recycling to either drop off depot at landfill or collection containers at Lindbrook, Tofield or Viking Transfer Stations)

Questions about this program? Call our office at 780.663.2038.


Beaver Municipal Solutions has created a Grant Program for Not-For-Profit Community Organizations to support the communities in which it operates. BMS will not consider proposals from individuals and businesses. The grant program will not consider funding proposals for retroactive funding of projects or activities that are already completed.

To request  a copy of the new Grant Application, please email Please note that older versions of the application will no longer be accepted.


Effective June 1, 2016, a waste bin will be placed at the Country Bottle Depot for rural residents. This bin is being placed here to help alleviate the current situation of community bins in the village filling up with waste from the surrounding area. Waste collection service in the Village of Holden is paid for by the residents. Rural residents currently have the choice to either request and pay for a dumpster for their acreage or farm or bring their waste for free to a nearby transfer station or the landfill in Ryley. This rural waste bin pilot will be evaluated at the end of October and if it is shown that the bin is being consistently used with acceptable items, the program could be extended into 2017.

What are acceptable items? This bin is for regular household garbage, lawn or hedge trimmings and scrap wood 3 feet or less in length.

It is NOT to be used for large item disposal, construction and demolition waste, paint, tires, electronic waste, batteries, metal, household appliances, animal cadavers, oil or grease, liquid waste and burning refuse or hot ashes.

Misuse of this waste bin may result in its removal, requiring rural residents to take their garbage directly to the transfer station or landfill.

If you have questions about this pilot, please call our office at 780.663.2038.