Municipal Waste

We transport and dispose of municipal solid waste from Edmonton and elsewhere in Alberta. Beaver Municipal Solutions can arrange for a turnkey solution for municipalities including transfer station construction and operation, truck transport and landfill disposal.

Contaminated Soils

We dispose of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of hydrocarbon and salt contaminated soils from around Alberta every year. We require analytical testing for soils prior to receipt to ensure that its meets our class 2 landfill compliance. Please click here for access to our contaminated soils Certificate of Compliance application forms and acceptance criteria.

Waste Sludges and Special Wastes

We accept certain sludges and industrial wastes that meet class 2 landfill criteria. Please click here for access to our special waste Certificate of Compliance application forms and acceptance criteria.

Construction and Demolition Debris

We accept unsorted construction and demolition debris,(exclusive of asbestos, PCB and hazardous content) and sorted salvageable metals and masonry/concrete rubble at reduced disposal rates. No special waste permits are required for construction and demolition debris waste.

Asbestos Waste

Our procedures for acceptance of asbestos waste are currently under review and therefore acceptance of asbestos is currently on hold.

General Facts

Beaver Municipal Solutions has been the industrial waste generator’s solution for class 2 industrial wastes including contaminated soils, waste sludges, construction and demolition debris and asbestos waste for several years. Annual tonnages of these wastes average 400,000 metric tonnes.

We have convenient access off of Highway 14 with a driving time from Edmonton of approximately 1 hour. Our weigh scale ticket system provides truckers with quick cycle times.

All accepted waste contracts for contaminated soils, industrial sludges and wastes and asbestos waste require an approved Certificate of Compliance. This Certificate is completed by the waste generator, or generator’s agent, and submitted for review by Beaver Municipal Solutions.

Each waste load requires a manifest document referencing the permit number on the Certificate. The permit-specific manifest forms are provided to the generator/agent upon approval of the submitted Certificate.

Please click here for blank Certificate forms.

To discuss what we can do for you, or for disposal fee quotes, call 780.663.2038 or email us.

Please Note:

  • Please submit completed certificates of Compliances to
  • Once approval for shipment has been obtained, 24 HOUR NOTICE is required prior to delivery to the our landfill facility.