June 1, 2020 Chronicle

Upcoming Public Hearings

Beaver Municipal Solutions and its member municipalities are proposing to transition from a regional services commission to a municipally controlled corporation (MCC). Before this can happen, public hearings will be held by each of the municipal member councils. Information on how to make a submission, present to council or provide feedback on the proposal will be available on each municipality’s website.

Several draft legal agreements and documents, including the Beaver Municipal Solutions/Claystone Waste Business Plan, have been finalized and are posted on our website. Check it out at www.beavermunicipal.com.

Grain Bags Need to be Tied

Since becoming one of Alberta’s Ag Plastic Pilot Collection site, we have been gathering rolls of grain bags and twine. Just a reminder, grain bags must be shaken clean, rolled and tied. Loose bags will not be accepted into the recycling program, but instead placed into the waste stream

Above are two examples of rolls in our current collection. The first one is acceptable, however the second one is not tied and will have to be landfilled. The size of the roll doesn’t matter, but it very important that they are tied.     

If you have questions, please call our office.

Long-time Local Employee Retires

The smiling face of Don Hultholm, resident of the Holden area, has been a fixture at our transfer stations for more than eleven years. Earlier this month, Don decided to retire. He won’t be idle in his retirement however, as he will be keeping busy raising rabbits and tending the large garden he and his family planted this year. We wish Don and his family all the best in his retirement and thank him for his many years of service!


Stop the spread! Wash your hands! Stay safe!

BMS News

Technical Difficulties Have Been Resolved

The problems we were having with our voicemail have been resolved. Voicemails left in the general mailbox as well as on specific extensions will be properly received and responded to. There is the possibility that

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Oil and Antifreeze Recycling

Oil, filters, and jugs and containers can be recycled across the county at the Lindbrook, Ryley, and Viking transfer stations. Antifreeze can be recycled at these transfer stations as well. Ensure that oil is not

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