Properly Recycling Grain Bags and Transfer Station Safety

Properly Recycling Grain Bags

Beaver Municipal Solutions has collected our first full load of grain bags to be recycled since we started the pilot program with Clean Farms.
We wanted to take this opportunity to remind all our residents of the best practices in recycling your grain bags.
All grain bags must be machine rolled. These bags are shipped to a recycler after collection. If they are not machine rolled then the shipment is not compact and we ship mostly air.
Rolls must be secured. Think of the rolls like hay bales, if you need to move and stack them, they can’t be coming apart when you grab them with your tractor. It is exactly the same with the rolls of grain bags. They have to stay secure when you drop them off at our site and then again when we load them onto the truck to ship them to the recycler.
Keep free of contaminates. This pilot program is for the recycling of grain bags. Do not roll in other types of plastics such as bale wrap, tarps, silage tarps, etc. These are not covered in the program; other plastics can contaminate the process at the recycler’s and in some cases can even cause breakdowns in the machinery.
We are open to take deliveries of machine rolled, secured grain bags on Tuesdays. Please call ahead to book a time. Thanks for recycling your grain bags.

Transfer Station Safety

With the warm summer weather, people are out and about in short sleeves, shorts, and flip flops. When you visit a transfer station or the public drop off area at the landfill, however, we do ask that you consider wearing closed toed-shoes.

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