Recycling Challenges; MCC Proposal to Continue Serving the Community

Recycling Challenges

Although a landfill’s primary function is for disposal of waste materials, it doesn’t mean that everything needs to be buried. In fact, at Beaver Municipal Solutions, we divert a number of materials, including tires, electronic waste (ewaste), paint and oil. We have recently started accepting certain agricultural plastics (i.e. grain bags and twine). At some of our transfer stations, we also collect cardboard and paper. We need to ensure these product streams don’t contain too much garbage or contamination (none would be preferable), as the processors will not accept the materials in these instances.

For example, when recycling that cardboard box, which held the new TV Santa left under the tree, it is important to break it down or flatten it. By doing this, it accomplishes two things. First, it allows more cardboard to be placed in the collection bin and second, it ensures that the packing contents of the box are removed. This usually includes plastic bags and Styrofoam. These materials, if placed in the cardboard recycling bin, contaminate the cardboard product, making the overall bin unacceptable for recycling.

It is important that if you choose to recycle your cardboard or paper, you place only the acceptable items in the bin. If you have questions about whether or not something can be placed in the recycle bin, please check with one of our knowledgeable Transfer Station Attendants or call our office at 780.663.2038, as we would be pleased to help you. For paper and cardboard bins located in your municipality, feel free to call our office for confirmation as to what can be placed inside, as these bins are not manned.

MCC Proposal to Continue Serving the Community

Because we are owned by Beaver County, the villages of Holden and Ryley and the towns of Viking and Tofield, our mission has always been to provide economic benefits back to the people of the member municipalities that we serve. Unlike a typical municipal service, like road construction, our operations are not funded by taxpayers. We’re municipally owned, but our business is actually designed to
support taxpayers in the communities we serve. Every year that we operate and succeed, our community benefits with more revenue to support residents.

Under the proposal to transition from Beaver Municipal Solutions to Claystone Waste Ltd, our commitment to serving the residents of our community does not change. For the past several years, Beaver Municipal Solutions provided $2 million annually in dividends to its owner municipalities, a figure that works out to more than $200 per person. This revenue is used across the region to support infrastructure, community programming and other priorities of member councils that would otherwise have to be funded by tax dollars

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