Collection Information

Towns, Villages and Hamlet of Bruce
Beaver Municipal Solutions provides municipal solid waste collection services for residents and businesses of the towns of Tofield and Viking, villages of Holden and Ryley, and hamlet of Bruce based on contracts with the respective municipalities. Bins are conveniently located throughout the communities for residents to dispose of their waste. For the towns and villages, there are separate containers for recyclable cardboard.

Comm = Commercial
Res = Residential

Day Tofield Ryley Holden Viking Bruce
Mon. Comm Comm Comm
Tues. Res
Wed. Res
Thurs. Res
Fri. Comm Comm Comm

Note: Where the collection day falls on a holiday, collection will take place the next working day. Contact 780-663-2038 or email for more details on holiday collection.

Rural Collection, Beaver County

Due to the increased number of rural customers, Beaver Municipal Solutions spreads the collection service over two weeks each month. Each customer will still only receive one tip a month, but it will be on either Route 1 or Route 2. Route 1 will typically be the first week of the month, and Route 2 will typically be the third week. To determine which Route your location falls under, please click on this map.

Please ensure  your bin is accessible, which includes ensuring that gates remain open. Route schedules are as follows:

Route 1 Route 2
Week of January 7 Week of January 21
Week of February 4 Week of February 18
Week of March 4 Week of March 18
Week of April 1 Week of April 15
Week of May 6 Week of May 20
Week of June 3 Week of June 17
Week of July 1 Week of July 15
Week of August 5 Week of August 19
Week of September 2 Week of September 16
Week of October 7 Week of October 21
Week of November 4 Week of November 18
Week of December 2 Week of December 16

If your collection is missed during the scheduled week, please call the office the following week at 780-663-2038 ext 124 or email

If you would like additional bin tips, please contact our office to arrange for this extra service.

Seasonal pick-ups are done twice yearly. Check this website for the latest schedule for spring and fall pick-ups for your community.