Winter Weather Collections and Ag-Plastic Recycle It! Program

Winter Weather 

Garbage collection in winter can be difficult. Last week was especially tough with the extreme cold weather. The hydraulics on our trucks were freezing as we tried to do our collections. Thankfully things have improved, and with temperatures going back up, our trucks are able to operate normally again. Another winter constant is snow. Drifts and snow piles can make it hard to access your bin on collection day. Please ensure the snow is cleared from your driveway and up to the bin. This will ensure we can access the bin on collection day. 

So what can you put in your waste collection bin? 

For both rural and urban bins, you can place bagged household garbage into the bin. Other dry garbage, such as chairs or tables, should be cut down to no longer than 3 feet. Longer items cause problems for our compaction equipment. Please do not place items on top of the lids or beside the bin. If you have questions about what can be placed in your waste collection bin, please feel free to call our office. 

Alberta Ag-Plastic Recycle It! Program

Beaver Municipal Solutions is one of the collection sites for the new Ag plastics recycling program and is now accepting grain bags and twine for recycling. 

Grain bags must be shaken clean, rolled, and tied. Loose bags will not be accepted. Drop-offs are accepted Tuesdays, please call to set up a time or for more information. 

Twine must be clean (no straw, hay, garbage, etc.), unknotted, and bagged. Bags are provided at the Ryley Landfill site and the Viking Transfer Station. Sisal twine and net wrap can not be recycled in this program and should not be mixed with twine as this contaminates the bag. Bags can be brought

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