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At Beaver Municipal Solutions, it is our vision to ensure the safe disposal of waste and to enhance the quality of life for the people of Beaver County.

Proposed Transition to a Municipally Controlled Corp

Beaver Municipal Solutions and its member municipalities are proposing to transition from a regional services commission to a municipally controlled corporation. This corporate reorganization is meant to provide increased community benefit to residents, protect and promote member municipality sustainability, and enable future waste management operations to be conducted in a more flexible manner.

Health, Safety and Environment

Beaver Municipal Solutions recognizes the value of its employees and is therefore committed to the provision of safe and healthy working conditions to contribute to the health, safety and general well-being of each employee, contractor and visitor.


The Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission, operating under the trade name Beaver Municipal Solutions is a waste management services commission of the Town of Tofield, the Town of Viking, the Village of Ryley, the Village of Holden and Beaver County. The Commission’s Board has five Directors, each being a Councillor from each of the municipal members’ Councils.

Beaver Municipal Solutions is committed to transparency in its actions and in its reporting, and adhering to the best in public authority governance practices. Board meetings are open to the public, and are advertised in advance. Board meeting minutes are posted on this website upon approval (typically at the following Board meeting). The approved annual budget, audited financial statements, strategic plan and quarterly interim financial statements for the current operating year are available for viewing on this website. Beaver Municipal Solutions fiscal year-end is December 31.

Public Advisory Committee

The Public Advisory Committee, also known as the PAC is a committee to help connect the operations of Beaver Municipal Solutions with individuals from our member communities. Currently the PAC is made up of 6 individuals from the surrounding communities. The committee meets throughout the year to discuss ideas and concerns regarding the waste management operations in the region.

Community Involvement

Beaver Municipal Solutions is dedicated to contributing to our local communities. We have a bi-annual grant program for local non-profit organizations and community groups. We also partner with the Royal Canadian Legion branches in the region and the Family and Community Support Services.

Tenders and RFP's

Beaver Municipal Solutions requires goods and services for fuel and energy, equipment and facility repair and maintenance, environmental testing, office and IT supplies and services, professional services and capital equipment and construction goods and services.

Beaver Municipal Solutions participates in the New West Partnership Trade Agreement. Tenders and proposal calls for goods and services exceeding $75,000 in value, or construction services exceeding $200,000 in value, are posted via the Alberta Purchasing Connection site.

Vendors should register online with Alberta Purchasing Connections and check that site for any new tenders and proposal calls submitted by Beaver Municipal Solutions. Some exceptions may apply – check the New West Partnership Trade Agreement for details.

Vendors are evaluated and chosen on best price for value, quality and reliability, as per BMS Policy FIN-009 Purchasing.

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BMS News

Technical Difficulties Have Been Resolved

The problems we were having with our voicemail have been resolved. Voicemails left in the general mailbox as well as on specific extensions will be properly received and responded to. There is the possibility that some messages were not received as a result of our technical issues. Please call and leave another message. We apologize

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Oil and Antifreeze Recycling

Oil, filters, and jugs and containers can be recycled across the county at the Lindbrook, Ryley, and Viking transfer stations. Antifreeze can be recycled at these transfer stations as well. Ensure that oil is not

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Chronicle August 5, 2020

Legislative Changes to Regional Services CommissionsBeaver Municipal Solutions (BMS) will no longer be allowed to operate for a profit or provide dividends to its member municipalities as a result of new rules that go into

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