Grant Program Re-Instated and Public Hearings Begin

Beaver Municipal Solutions is an active partner in
our local communities. One element of our
involvement is our Grant Program for
Not-For-Profit community organizations. At the
onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the board of
directors put the grant program on hold, due to
the uncertainty that the pandemic presented.
As of the last board meeting the
grant program has been re-instated. There are 2
grant cycles a year, with the next cycle taking place
in the fall.

For more information, visit our website at or for a grant application,
send us an email at

Public Hearings begin on transition to a
Municipally Controlled Corporation

The municipalities of Beaver County, Ryley, Tofield,
Holden, and Viking have begun holding public hearings
regarding the proposed transition of Beaver Municipal
Solutions from a regional services commission to a
municipally controlled corporation (MCC).
Some hearings have already taken place, and we have
heard the public’s thoughts, interest, and concerns
about the proposed transition. Beaver Municipal
Solutions has been working diligently with the
municipalities and the Municipally Controlled Corporation
Steering Committee; countless hours have been put into
refining the business plan and all the agreement
documents to make the transition to an MCC happen if it
is approved.

Beaver Municipal Solutions has also heard concerns
regarding the negative effects that can be, and are a
reality in the operation of a landfill. We take the issues
of local citizens very seriously and will always strive to
mitigate these negative effects. This will be true
regardless of whether Beaver Municipal Solutions
transitions to an MCC or stays a regional services

Public hearings are a way to participate in the process of
your local government, consider attending if your local
hearing is still upcoming.
We will be present and listening to everything the public
has to say about the proposed transition.

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